Password Alert 1.25 Crack

Password Alert 1.25 Crack

Password Alert 1.25

Password Alert 1.25 Crack

Chrome extension that can check if you tried to sign into your Google account on a page that just resembles the Google’s sign-in page

Password Alert is a small Chrome add-on that seamlessly integrates with the browser and adds an extra protection layer for your account.

The Password Alert extension can detect if a page is impersonating the Google sing-in web page and sends alerts if you might be the victim of a phishing attempt.

Google vetted Chrome extension that aims to protect your account from phishing attempts

To deploy the Password Alert extension to your Chrome web browser, just navigate to the associated Chrome Store entry and press the Add to Chrome button placed in the top right area of the page.

To enables the extension’s capabilities, just log into your Google account again within the Chrome web browser: Password Alert will make the necessary configurations, and you will receive a confirmation message.

Note that even though Password Alert places its icon in the address bar, you do not need to interact with the add-on in any way. In fact, you can choose to hide the button, and it will not interfere with its capabilities in any way.

Detect pages that impersonate the Google sign in page and get alerts if you need to change your password

Password Alert will monitor your Chrome activity, and whenever you input your Google or Google for Work credentials on a page that resembles the design, it will send an alert so you can quickly change the passkey.

Note that Password Alert will not store your password but generates a secure thumbnail for your password to be able to compare it with your keystrokes. To learn more about how the service works, make sure to visit the FAQ section.

Unobtrusive solution for protecting your Google account against phishing attempts

Password Alert is a small Chrome extension that integrates with the web browser and monitors your activity in order to let you know if you have just used your Google or Google for Work credentials on a page that impersonates the Google services.

The Password Alert notifications let you know that you should change your Google account password as soon as possible to counteract any malicious attempts.

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