ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional 3.0.18 Crack

ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional 3.0.18 for Windows

ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional 3.0.18 Crack

Enables you to reduce the size of your PDF documents without reducing the quality with this straightforward and easy-to-use tool

A popular form for document presentation is PDFs, which people use for various purposes and both business and personal use; however, they can be difficult to work with and cumbersome. ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional is an application that allows users to reduce the file size of a PDF document, to save space and speed up file transfers.

An awkward interface that lacks precision and doesn’t allow it to target an individual PDF as standard

While ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional is clearly a professional product, both in presentation and function, the design contains some issues that can cause major problems for some users. In particular, ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional’s standard method for targetting individual PDFs is selecting a folder, not a file.

Users are able to go into the options and change the way the program targets files, either dragging files into the software or to target individual files, yet it remains an odd standard. The option to change it should be on the main window where the file input is selected, especially since processing an entire folder is very time consuming. The process is even more time consuming if the explore subfolder option is checked, which it is as standard, and could lead to a huge scan being performed

A useful array of settings that provide users with ways to change how the application processes PDFs

Despite the odd way the application targets files, it does provide users with useful options to control the size reduction process. The image quality can be changed, with preset DPI settings from Very High, to Low, or users can enter DPI number directly. The option to discard useless objects that are unused and just taking up space can also be enabled.

Additional removal options such as removing formfields, annotations, bookmarks and embedded files are also readily available. There are no shortage of ways to customize how ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional operates and the range of options should satisfy most, if not all users. The different settings are expected, since the application is not cheap, yet it can be configured to scan an entire drive in one go, going a long way to justify it.

A useful program that despite some odd standard settings, performs an efficient service

All in all, ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional is a very useful application, and, even if the standard settings are strange, what matters is they can be changed. The program providers users with detailed settings that can handle individual files or bulk folders, even an entire drive in one scan. ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional should have no problem taking care of space issues caused by PDFs.

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