Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 crack

Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 for Windows

Orbitum 56.0.2924.92 crack

Chromium-based web browser with a built-in chat feature and ad blocker, so that you can stay in touch on social networks and disable banners

The fast growing web constantly accommodates new technologies and software development teams have to keep up the pace and implement the in their solutions and make sure their programs are compliant with the latest standards.

This is quite visible especially when dealing with Internet browsers, a type of applications that has always something to upgrade, from webpage rendering engine, to filtering components and many others.

More and more such utilities are being created on the backbone of Chromium and among the new arrivals¬†Orbitum¬†can be counted. The nice and simple interface conceals the powerful components that made Google’s Chrome one of the top browsers on the market and also offers a pleasant browsing experience to its users.

The innovation brought by this particular tool consists of a seamless integration with some social networks like Facebook or Vkontakte. Thus, with Orbitum you will be able to chat with your friends while browsing on any other webpage.

All you will have to do is log into your account, on Facebook for example, and then navigate onto the sites you’re interested in without ever having to lose sight of the friend list, messages and so on. This is possible thanks to the special chat bar that is attached to the web browser and which makes it possible for you to enjoy the full functionality of the service you are connected to.

If you used Chrome at some point, you will be very familiar with Orbitum because the rest of the functions and customization options are pretty much the same. This means that you can benefit from the same fast engine and load any webpages without too many glitches.

All in all, this Internet browser manages to put up a great performance, which is otherwise expected given its pedigree, and still brings a touch of novelty through the implementation of such a useful chat functionality.

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