Octopus Deploy 3.16.4 Crack

Octopus Deploy 3.16.4 Crack

Octopus Deploy 3.16.4 for Windows

Octopus Deploy 3.16.4 Crack

Effortlessly automate and reduce the time for the production time of your .NET applications and websites with the help of this powerful and very efficient deployment server

Built to make the lives of .NET developers a bit easier, Octopus Deploy is a powerful and relatively accessible piece of software that helps you deploy, test and automate the releases of ASP.NET projects.

Before anything, you should know that Octopus Deploy works just fine with both cloud and local-based .NET apps. By integrating a command-line utility, it can be integrated with the large majority of build servers out there, including JetBrains TeamCity and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

A dependable automation and deployment server app that does its job right

Another interesting fact that you should be aware of is that this app basically continues the deployment process when your typical build server lefts off. Even simpler, while your run-of-the-mill build server enables you to develop the code and to test the apps, this utility focuses mostly on the deployment part.

This said, with the help of Octopus Deploy, you can quickly distribute .NET apps to any number large numbers of remote machines, configure IIS sites and take care of acquiring and installing Windows services you might need.

It might be necessary to take a few minutes and read the documentation

While, at least at first, all this may seem somewhat complicated, you will be happy to hear that getting to grips with this utility is not exactly difficult, although we admit, you should take a couple of minutes of your precious time and read the provided documentation section on the developer’s website.

The app can be installed in mere seconds and upon first launching the app, you should be greeted by a configuration wizard. Only when you go through the configuration process, you can get access to the app’s main interface.

Not too complicated configuration process

Using the credentials specified in the above-described configuration process, you need to log in the Octopus Web Portal with the help of your default web browser.

From this point onwards, things should become even more straightforward and you can easily create new environments, add machines, create new projects and, ultimately, deploy them.

Forget all about having to manually copy and edit configuration files when deploying Windows apps

While Octopus Deploy has been around for just a couple of years, it should be quite evident why it is now one of the most popular automation and deployment server for .NET apps.

With the help of its specialized tools and relatively user-friendly environment, the utility streamlines the process of deploying Windows-based apps and websites to a great extent and, ultimately, frees more time for you.

We would also like to point out that Octopus Deploy offers all these services and a web portal to help you deploy .NET apps but it should be accompanied by its next of kin application Octopus Deploy Tentacle that needs to be installed on all the machines you want to deploy your apps to.

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