OCCT Portable Crack

OCCT Portable

 OCCT Portable Crack

Test the performance level of your computer and take snapshots, all thanks to this lightweight and powerful software application

OCCT Portable is a utility developed specifically to help individuals monitor system hardware components and overclock them. With this portable counterpart of OCCT you can test the CPU, GPU and power supply.

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can easily copy the program files to any location on the hard disk in order to run the app. You can also drop them to a portable storage unit, such as a USB flash drive, so as to use it on any computer that you have access to. It is also important to remember that OCCT Portable is not going to update the Windows registry and Start screen/menu with new entries.

The interface is highly intuitive and therefore easy to work with, even for novice users. It comprises of two panels: one that includes “Monitoring” tools, and the other that displays all the available tests.

The last mentioned window shows you detailed system information, including CPU name, motherboard type, as well as current, original and overclock central processing unit and Bus frequencies.

CPU and memory usage, and temperatures are always monitored and displayed with the help of graphs. There are two tests for the processor, namely OCCT and LINPACK. For whichever you choose, you have to select the benchmark type (infinite or automatic), duration and idle periods.

The main difference between these tests is that LINPACK enables you to input the memory percentage, while the other lets you control the number of threads. The GPU lets you edit the FPS limit, shader complexity and resolution.

All in all, OCCT Portable is an efficient piece of software that helps you see how your computer behaves, and enhance the overall system performance, although there are not so many options available.

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