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 Nyagua Crack

Add aquarium information, as well as fish and plants that inhabit the artificial environment, with options to set reminders, us nutrition calculators and more

Sure we’re not the only living creatures on this planet, and yes we do treat the rest of the species with far less respect than they deserve. However, some are trying really hard to create comfortable living environments, and it can prove quite the challenge for some creatures, like fish. If you happen to own one or more aquariums, then you’re sure to find Nyagua pretty useful.

Can be used on the go

The first thing you need to know is that the application is built on the Java Runtime Environment and requires it installed on your computer to run. If it’s already deployed, then you can go ahead and run Nyagua, because it’s portable, which means you can also use it on the go, while keeping registries clean.

In terms of visuals, all elements are pretty comprehensive, with a left panel providing quick access to all database areas, which you set up the first time the application runs. The rest of the space puts editing fields and buttons at your disposal to insert data, modify values, and more.

Add aquarium and fish information

A database can either be created on your hard disk drive, or imported from an existing XML file. Several tabs let you handle aquarium related details, such as readings, maintenance, expenses, devices, fish, invertebrates, and plants. Each tab holds a specific set of info fields you need to write down, with an additional picture slot where possible.

The fish insert task is similar, but with a lot more fields to fill in. As such, you need to write down a fish’s name, class, life span, size, swim level, PH levels, diagnosis, distribution, biology, environment, and a few others. All entries are kept and shown in a table, along with all details you add. Several filters can be applied to quickly find fish of interest.

The application doesn’t just want to keep a set of values safe, but also comes with a few other utilities. In the corresponding menu, you find a calculator with various functions to determine heater values, room, pump flow, as well as a nutrient calculator, or converter for length, volume, temperature, and mass.

To sum it up

All things considered, we can safely state that Nyagua is a practical application that lets you keep an organized database of multiple aquariums, as well as sea creatures you might be keeping for attraction. It can be used on the go, with a simple interface that makes accommodation a walk in the park.

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