NetLogo 6.0.2 Crack

NetLogo 6.0.2 Crack

NetLogo 6.0.2 for Windows

NetLogo 6.0.2 Crack

Analyze simple or complex social and natural phenomena with the help of this intuitive application that relies on the Logo programming language

NetLogo is a cross-platform application designed to simulate social or natural events of all kinds. It targets complex and dynamic situations that change over time, enabling the user to study social behavior, find patterns and explanations.

Assorted model collection

The application features a rich and diverse model library that can offer a starting point in creating your own simulation. The provided samples include models from various fields, such as art, biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, math, social sciences, as well as curricular models developed by The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling.

Each model you load or create simulates situations that depend on one or multiple variables, which you can adjust to view the results. For instance, climate change hinges on factors such as the sun brightness, cloud presence, the CO2 amount or the albedo (reflection coefficient).

Create a new simulation with ease

You have multiple elements at your disposal for building a new environment. You can use buttons, sliders, switches, input boxes, choosers, monitoring panes, plots and text note areas to write down your conclusions. Furthermore, you can enter a full description of the model and describe how it works, what elements should the user notice and what parameters should be modified to observe changes.

Relies on the Logo programming language

While you mostly work with graphical elements to create your model, NetLogo automatically generates the corresponding source code in the background. It uses a variation of the Logo educational programming language, modified to support both mobile and stationary agent monitors, called turtles and patches, respectively. Its syntax is not difficult, but it might take a while to get familiar to all the functions.

Simulate social and natural phenomena

NetLogo can run simulations for various phenomena, providing 3D modeling tools and multiple visualization options. Generated models can be exported locally, turned into a movie or saved as applets and used in the educational process, while the integrated API enables developers to integrate NetLogo into their projects.

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