myFads Wardrobe Manager Portable 2.4.0 Crack

myFads Wardrobe Manager Portable 2.4.0 Build 659 for Windows

myFads Wardrobe Manager Portable 2.4.0 Crack

Create virtual wardrobes to easily keep track of your clothes by adding and tagging their pictures, which can be sorted in multiple collections

HomyFads Wardrobe Manager Portable is a lightweight and practical application you can use to organize your physical wardrobe in a digital environment by adding and tagging pictures.

This way, you can keep track of all your clothes by sorting them into different collections and by looking them up using a search tool, as well as quickly decide what to wear.

Doesn’t require installation

Since this is a portable package, it’s not necessary to perform setup. You can extract the archive files to any directory on the disk or copy them to a USB flash drive and just double-click the .exe to launch the tool. HomyFads Wardrobe Manager Portable doesn’t integrate new entries into the system registry.

Once launched, you can create a new database on the computer, which shall be the destination for storing all your data. Each database corresponds to a wardrobe, and you can create as many databases as you want, as long as you have enough free space.

Sort photos into collections and add tags

Next, you can populate your wardrobe with photo collections of clothes imported from BMP, JPG or PNG files. For each picture, it’s possible to add tags with the type and value of the parameters. For example, you can write “Color” as the type (first box) and “Blue” or “Blue, white” as the value (second box).

Quickly find clothes by searching for tags

The values will be taken into account for the search box, which shows results as you type. Therefore, if you have at least two pieces of clothing marked with the same value in the tags, then all will appear in your results list when entering that value (partial matches are accepted).

It’s possible to view pictures in full screen on double click, rename the photos and collections, sort items by name or date when they were added to the wardrobe, as well as rename collections and change their displayed order.

Organize any kind of collection using photos and tags, not just clothes

The only aspects that give away the HomyFads Wardrobe Manager Portable of the fact that it’s dedicated to clothing are its name and database label (“wardrobe”). However, it can be used for quickly organizing and finding any type of collection using pictures and tags. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and fast at displaying search results.

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