MSS Code Factory 2.9.14087 Dev Crack

MSS Code Factory 2.9.14087 / 2.10.14088 Dev for Windows

MSS Code Factory 2.9.14087 Dev Crack

Helps you translate XML applications to source code by creating adaptations of rule-based expert system’s technology and customized General Extension Language syntax

MSS Code Factory┬áis a cross-platform and advanced tool that can help you translate your model XML apps to source code. Also called a source code manufacturing system, this utility’s main goal is towards creating author domain-specific expert systems.

It does so by capturing the coding architecture and styles using an XML-specific General Expansion Language or GEL.

Considering you have the proper coding knowledge, with the help of this source code manufacturing tool you can actually produce SAX XML methods for database loading and Xmsg applications for client-server communication purposes. In addition, MSS Code Factory can also be used to create Swing-based user interfaces for demonstration purposes or JavaFX components used for the creation of custom GUIs.

MSS Code Factory supports a wide variety of databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP/Sybase ASE, DB/2 LUW and Microsoft SQL Server, among others. It’s core is determined by components such as CFFreeSwitch, CFEnSyntax, CFBam, CFAsterisk, CFAcc, CFDbTest, CFCore, CFSecurity, CFCrm, and Cflib. Additionally, it also bundles genetic artificial intelligence and a RAM memory repository.

If you intend on employing MSS Code Factory for translating your XML projects to source code, then you should know that it can help you shorten the overall delivery time and, as a result, the development and testing costs will also go down. Reducing the development costs is made possible by the tool’s ability to write XML parsers that make it possible for you to import various representative for your future modelling tools.

One other worth mentioning advantage for using MSS Code Factory is the fact that since the rulesets are regularly exercised and stabilized, new objects that are added to your model do not require further testing.

System requirements

  • Java
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

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