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Milight Control

 Milight Control Crack

Control Milight and LimitlessLED LED lights from the system tray, with a nifty utility that allows you to turn them on or off, dim them and change their color

Milight LED lights, and various rebrands such as LimitlessLED, are designed to be controlled via Wi-Fi from a smartphone. They offer some interesting features, and you can even manage them from your PC with a third-party utility.

Milight Control is an open-source program that allows you to dim these lights, turn them on or off and change their color from a convenient system tray menu. However, it must be noted that it only works with v5 of the Wi-Fi bridge, as v6 is not currently supported.

Manage Wi-Fi LED lights from the system tray

The application doesn’t need to be installed before use, so deployment is very straightforward. What’s more, it can attempt to find the Wi-Fi bridge IP address automatically, although you can enter it manually as well.

Essentially, the program enables you to turn groups of lights on or off, control their brightness and even change their color. Everything is done from a simple system tray menu.

Control up to four groups of LED lights effortlessly

Milight Control allows you to customize the name of each group, enabling you to differentiate between devices in different rooms easily.

You can increase or decrease their brightness in steps, as well as choose any of the supported colors. However, it would have been great if it were possible to make these changes using keyboard shortcuts.

Handy tray controller for MiLight LED lights

You have to keep in mind that this application only works with version 5 of the Wi-Fi bridge, as it is not yet compatible with version 6. If this is not an issue, though, Milight Control can be very useful indeed.

The program makes it possible to manage multiple groups of LED lights from your PC using a convenient system tray menu, so you won’t have to grab your smartphone whenever you need to perform a small adjustment.

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