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Connect with your friends and family via the Internet or even meet new people with the help of this powerful and practical application Agent is an instant messaging application that allows users to communicate online. is considered to be the among the largest free e-mail services in Russia, so it’s no wonder that the “agent” is widely used.

Equipped with all it needs

Basically, Agent provides basic instant messaging and calling features that allow you to stay in touch with your friends anywhere on the planet. Although it is not as popular worldwide, the application rises to the expectations and standards of its competitors. It comes with video calling and file sharing capabilities, online gaming support, customizable appearance and much more.

After installing the program, you need to provide your credentials in order to login and start chatting. Its interface is similar to any messaging application, displaying a list on the available contacts, your user image and status message.

Stay in touch with people using different protocols

The chat window allows you to open multiple tabs and type messages, send files, play games, view the message history, start a video call or a multi-user conference. Furthermore, you can set the program to notify you when the selected contact changes the status or is going online.

One interesting feature is the support for multiple protocols, which makes it possible to chat with friends from other social networks or instant messengers. Thus, after settings the appropriate accounts, you can send messages to your contacts in ICQ, Facebook, Classmates, Gtalk, VKontakte or Jabber.

Connect with people in close proximity

In addition to this, you can use the application to send SMS messages or perform low-cost phone calls. You can call practically anywhere in the world, but in order to use the VoIP service, you need to charge your account. There are multiple ways to make the payment: by credit card, cash, through the Internet or by mobile.

Geo-location is included in the application. Also, you can use the world map to search for other users that are in close proximity to you.

Message notifications, a built-in music player that connects to My World, birthday reminders and alarms, spell checking are other advantages that Agent brings you.

In conclusion

All in all, Agent is a complete instant messaging solution and a viable choice for those who want to communicate online. It comes equipped with a large variety of tools that provide multiple ways of keeping in touch with acquaintances or even meeting new people.

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