MagicScore Maestro 8.280 Crack

MagicScore Maestro 8.280 for Windows

MagicScore Maestro 8.280 Crack

A comprehensive music notation software that features extended capabilities for score editing, music composing and sound recording

MagicScore Maestro is a powerful and intuitive music notation application that offers a multitude of functions for learning or composing scores. MagicScore Maestro is dedicated to professional musicians and beginners alike, thanks to its comprehensive interface, integrated examples and guide for each step.

Music composer

With MagicScore Maestro you can set up your own musical composition, for a multitude of instruments and voices. The software can even help you create a score for an instrumental ensemble. You can experiment with multiple tonalities, keys and instruments, thanks to the integrated music player function.

MagicScore Maestro supports advanced music notation, offering you a vast array of musical symbols that you can transpose on the stave, then let the software simulate the specific sound. You can easily edit an already created score or start fresh with a blank page. Moreover, the split screen option allows you to view the score along with the MIDI event, velocity, piano roll, tempo or sound editors.

Create music on the paper

MagicScore Maestro offers you the possibility to write musical scores by inserting notes as well as stave symbols, such as brake marks or measure lines, percussion indicators, intensity expressions, chords markers, intervals or design elements. The additional elements include adding composition title, author, pictures and annotations.

Moreover, the software allows you to add quick notes by selecting the specific piano key, guitar string or keyboard position. Separate tabs offer you the piano keys, the guitar fretboard and the keyboard configurations. Moreover, the Modify tab allows you to increase/decrease the duration of a note, pair two or more marks, as well as move the composition up or down an octave. You may easily align the notes, type in the lyrics or add effects.

Simple to use music notation editor

MagicScore Maestro can be used for composing, exercising, learning and even teaching music. Not only does it allow you to create and modify musical scores, but you can also use it as an audio recorder. Simply choose the composition, musical genre, the volume and other specific options, then create your original melody.

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