Kami 2.0.8944 Crack

Kami 2.0.8944 Crack

Kami 2.0.8944

Kami 2.0.8944 Crack

Markup and annotation solution that integrates with your Chrome browser and offers you the possibility to work on documents with others

Kami is an annotation solution that integrates with your Chromeapp and offers you the possibility to work on documents within the web browser. The extension can work with locally stored files, but also connects to the Google Drive and Google Classroom services.

Open and annotate documents without leaving the Chrome web browser

Right off the bat, you need to navigate to the Kami Chrome Store entry in the host application and press the “Add to Chrome” button that you can find in the top-right corner of the page.

The Kami icon will be placed in the Chrome window next to the address bar, and whenever you want to use the extension, the Kami main page will be launched in a separate tab. Here you can choose the document you want to open or switch to the OCR, Split and Merge, Header and Bates tools.

Note that Kami can open PDF documents, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets formats, and RTF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files. What’s more, you get to export the files with or without the annotations, or only the annotations.

Highlight content, insert graphic or text elements, or add notes

Kami comes with a collection of basic annotation capabilities so you can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text, add notes and write replies, insert text boxes, create shapes or rely on freehand drawing.

The best part is that Kami integrates sharing capabilities so that multiple users can work on the same document. When creating a sharing link, you get control over who can annotate the file, see your annotations, or download the file. The link can also be embedded or share on the Facebook or Twitter social platforms.

Worth mentioning is that you can work with the Kami add-on without registering for an account, but having access to one is imperative to save your modifications, share documents, and so on. The changes can also be automatically saved to Google Drive.

Collaborate with others while reviewing and annotating files in your Chrome browser

Kami brings to your Chrome web browser the possibility to open text and image files from various sources and add markup and annotations without leaving the browser.

The Kami service also enables you to share the files with others and grant them the permission to edit the file further or even download the document.

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