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Jamulus Crack

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 Jamulus Crack

Connect with other musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the Internet with this intuitive application that allows adjusting the buffer delay

One of the key aspects of playing in a band is practising and the advent of stable and fast Internet connections has meant artists can now get together and exchange fruitful ideas about their songs. Jamulus is one such tool that allows its users to connect to a common server and jam.

Connect to online jam servers

Artists can connect to several servers, mainly based in Europe although there is also one based in the United States of America. One of the great features is that the application imposes no limitation on the type of instruments used.

From pianos to bass guitars or flutes, as long as users are sufficiently proficient in playing their chosen instrument, the utility supports it. It should be noted that the program requires an ASIO sound driver to be installed; also the buffer size should be set to a minimum value, to avoid any playback issues.

Exchange messages with the built-in chat function

Jam sessions can begin once two users are connected, although the tool places no upper limit on the number of artists connected at any one time. More-so, once on the same server, users can chat with each other and exchange ideas and schedule next sessions.

Several settings can be adjusted to ensure proper quality, such as the buffer delay, or the audio channels involved. The quality of the output audio can be modified and users can even customize the jitter local buffer values. Concerning the actual playback, users can adjust pan and reverb settings as well as mute or solo any one artist.

An overall practical utility for online jamming sessions

Summing up, Jamulus is a valuable tool for artists looking for a shared online solution to practise their music. The program supports all instruments and allows its users to adjust pan and reverb settings. A built-in chat function can be employed to receive feedback and buffer values can be adjusted for an improved experience.

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