Jabat Automatic School Bell  Crack

Jabat Automatic School Bell

 Jabat Automatic School Bell  Crack

Provides educational institutions with the means of scheduling bell rings for each day of the week, with custom sound alerts and notifications

Jabat Automatic School Bell is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose is to offer educational establishments a means of scheduling repeated bell rings at specified intervals, on every day of the week.

Initial configuration notes

While during the installation process, there are no mentionable events, the first time you launch the application, you will need to enter your school’s ‘BioData’.

This consists of inputting its name, address, website or email address and logo, using a locally stored image. Once complete, Jabat Automatic School Bell retreats to to notification area.

Clean and intuitive appearance

The main window functions as a start screen, where you can select the function you want to work with, be it the ‘BioData’, the ‘Schedules’ or the ‘Options’.

However, before being able to make any changes, you will need to setup a username and password, in order to access the components of the program. This can be done from the ‘Menu’, by clicking on the ‘Login’ selection. Later, authentication can be deactivated from the ‘General’ tab of ‘Options’.

Scheduling automatic school bell rings

The central component of Jabat Automatic School Bell is represented by ‘Schedules’, which will help you add new entries to the list, edit existing records or delete obsolete bell rings from the its memory.

To create an entry, you need to click on the ‘Add New’ button and enter a ‘Description’, or a meaningful title for that bell ring. Next, you can choose the day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, as well as the hour, including minutes and seconds.

The emitted sounds can be loaded from a local source or they can be recorded, provided that a compatible capturing device exists. Finally, you can press ‘Save’ and the entry will be listed next to all others, as you can set multiple rings during a single day.

Handy school bell scheduler

To sum it up, Jabat Automatic School Bell is a useful and easy to use utility developed to spare teachers from having to manually ring the school bell, also allowing students to take their break at the proper time, without delay

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