iReal Pro 8.0 Crack

iReal Pro 8.0 Crack

iReal Pro 8.0 Crack For Mac

iReal Pro 8.0 Crack

An full-featured and easy-to-use professional tool specially made for musicians and music students with focus on Jazz and improvised music

If you are a music student or professional musician you might be interested in this versatile and user-oriented application that offers a large collection of chord charts in various styles.

User friendly and well-designed interface

From iReal Pro’s main window you have quick and easy access to numerous editing tools for chord charts, realistic bass, drum, guitar and piano accompaniments for all downloaded chord charts and a wide variety of play along styles.

Thanks to iReal Pro intuitive interface you can easily view all the songs in your library, sort them according to different criteria such as title, composer and stile, create custom playlists and view the chord chart for the selected song. In addition, you can use the available tools to create, edit, print and share chord charts of your favorite songs and use them while performing or practicing.

The bottom toolbar offers you instant access to your favorites list, editing tools, mixer, settings, practice session, piano and guitar chords. You can also view the currently played style, times and tempo value and loop, play or pause the song.

Large collection of numerous types of accompaniment styles

iReal Pro also features 15 jazz play along styles like ballad even, ballad swing, slow swing, medium up and medium swing, double time swing, up tempo swing, swing two/four, even 8ths, bossa nova, latin/swing, latin and more.

Furthermore, iReal Pro makes it possible for you to take advantage of the 8 laying play along styles that include Brazil-Bossa acoustic and electric, Cuba-Son Montuno 2-3, Cuba-Cha Ch Cha, Argentina-Tango just to name a few. On top of that, you can also use 12 pop play along styles such as Rock, Soul, Funk, Smooth, RnB, Reggae, Disco, Bluegrass, Country and Slow Rock.

Practical and useful OS X tool designed to provide you with a simulated accompaniment band while practicing

iReal Pro also provides you with support for quickly and easily importing over 1000 song from the forums and use the 50 provided exercises to practice all common chord progressions.

To conclude, iReal Pro is a streamlined professional OS X utility for practice accompaniment that provides you with

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