IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database Crack

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database Crack

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database  for Windows

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database Crack

You can match the range and numbers, in order to identify the country of provenance, plus Internet Service Provider, based on a user’s IP address

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database is a powerful and reliable tool designed to match converted IP addresses to geographic data, indicating the country where they originate and the ISP.

The utility relies on an advanced algorithm that can transform the IP address into an IP number, then insert the variable in a mathematical equation.

The result of the calculations are matched against a range condition and the final answer indicates the data of the country where the IP address originates. The output is displayed in a table, containing the beginning and ending of an IP address range, both represented by the IP number.

The country indicator is also displayed in the table, along with its complete name and the title of the ISP – Internet Service Provider.

The country indicator is a two-character value, which represents the code assigned to each state, based on the ISO 3166 regulations. For example, US stands for United States of America, CA for Canada and FR for France.

The country name is also based on the ISO 3166 code and the Internet Service Provider can be determined by the IP address range registration.

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database provides you with the means to acquire information regarding the location of a particular IP address. You may use this algorithm to determine the provenance of the users who visit your website or perform a security check.

The tool offers a comprehensive collection of values, used for matching the IP numbers to the countries and the Internet service providers. You may thus identify the location of the users with a particular IP address, information that you can use for statistics or security verification.

IP2Location IP-Country-ISP Database can thus be used with a large variety of software that can perform the searching algorithms and can easily be integrated with programs or Web apps.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Excel

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Not all the entries are available

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