InstaCal 1.4.2 Crack

InstaCal 1.4.2 Crack

InstaCal 1.4.2 Crack – Menu-bar calendar.

InstaCal 1.4.2 Crack

InstaCal is an affordable, yet powerful calendar app that puts all your events right at your fingertips, always available in your Mac’s menu bar. InstaCal is quick and convenient, and can be opened at any time with a configurable keyboard shortcut. From there you can view your calendar events, make changes, invite friends or even add new events.

You can use any of the calendars added to your Mac (those available in the Calendar app), or connect directly with Google Calendar (even with multiple accounts!) to utilize additional features like invitations and viewing responses to your invitations.

  • Configurable event reminders
  • Customizable calendar colors
  • Useful menu bar options (day/date)
  • Full Touch Bar support
  • Ability to switch between a menu bar or normal floating app


Version 1.4.2:

  • Support for Office 365 and Outlook calendars!
  • You can now choose if you want to attach a message when replying to an invitation, or not to send a notification back at all (Google and Microsoft calendars only)
  • Reminders with dates now appear in your events list (can be toggled off in Preferences)
  • Invitation notifications now tell you if you have a conflict (Google and Microsoft calendars only)
  • Option to always open to Events, Reminders, or the last used
  • An arrow now points to the next event of the day
  • Support for natural language event creation for Google Calendar events (right click on the Add button and select Quick Add…)
  • New event times default to the nearest 30 minute increment
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements



OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

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