iCompta 6.0.9 Crack

iCompta 6.0.9 Crack

iCompta 6.0.9 Crack For mac

iCompta 6.0.9 Crack

Provides an organized environment for tracking and managing your personal finances, accounts, transactions, budgets and much more

iCompta is a financial application that, with the help of well-brushed features, helps you keep track of your finances, transactions, and budgets in an organized and intuitive manner using a Mac.

Take control over multiple financial accounts and schedule future transactions with ease

With the help of its straightforward interface, iCompta will enable users to manage multiple accounts in multiple currencies, make statistics of their incomes or expenses and monitor their portfolios.

Additionally, a useful feature of the iCompta app is its ability to schedule transactions by enabling you to set the date until when you want to see all recurring proceedings, without actually including them within any previously created account.

As a matter of fact, this type of scheduled item will be created just for being able to track repeating deposits or withdrawals, minus the headache of micro-managing them each and every time they occur.

Keeps your financial accounts synced between all your devices with the help of an inbuilt synchronization engine

In addition, users can synchronize their accounts with ease between multiple computers or smartphones using two well known cloud-back-up systems: the iCloud and Dropbox.

Furthermore, with the help of the “Split Records” function, pie charts and colors, iCompta will help users get a better understanding and a better visual representation of their financial situation.

Moreover, one can choose to import or export the entire database of transactions to a broad array of formats such as QIF, OFX, CSV, XML, and JSON.

Import and export your transactions with ease, while also keeping your information password-protected and safe

When dealing with financial situations, reports, and transactions, one important thing is to keep all information regarding these safe, and iCompta will safeguard your accounts and information with the help of its password-based data protection system.

On the whole, iCompta is a simple to use and a quite complex financial tracker and manager application designed from the ground up to help you have greater control over your transactions and accounts.

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