HttpWatch Basic Edition 11.0.16 Crack

HttpWatch Basic Edition 11.0.16 Crack

HttpWatch Basic Edition 11.0.16 for Windows

HttpWatch Basic Edition 11.0.16 Crack

Helpful and straightforward HTTP sniffer which can be integrated in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so as to help you improve your website’s performance

HttpWatch Basic Edition is a powerful tool designed to analyze the HTTP traffic and provide you with detailed information. It enables you to test and optimize the performance of your website in order to improve your web-based services.

Web browser integration

The program is integrated in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefoxin order to be easily accessed when you load a certain webpage. The captured data is displayed as a panel in the main window of the browser which allows you to view the information while you are browsing the website.

Capture data and generate charts

The main goal of the application is to capture HTTP and SPDY data directly from the browser and to display the information in real time. It can handle headers, status codes, timings and other elements in order to provide you with comprehensive statistics.

You can visualize the events in the time charts generated by the program and determine what issues have a negative impact on the website’s performance. Request time charts are also available for measuring the DNS lookup time.

Automatic warnings and save logs

If you are using this tool for identifying performance issues, you can take advantage of the automatically generated warnings. These messages highlight the potential security, performance and functionality problems that can negatively influence the experience of the visitors.

All the information available in the browser panel can be saved as a log file which can be opened and analyzed by other users. This enables you to analyze the captured data on other computers and to easily exchange logs with other colleagues or business partners.

Bottom line

HttpWatch Basic Edition provides you with useful tools for capturing traffic information from your websites in order to identify and fix performance or security issues. It does not hamper the computer’s performance, our tests did not reveal any errors or hangs, and the interface is user-friendly.

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