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Hollow Knight – Hidden Dreams – Brave the Depths of a Forgotten Kingdom

Underneath the blurring town of Dirtmouth rests an old, demolished kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface, hunting down wealth, or brilliance, or answers to old mysteries.

Empty Knight is a traditionally styled 2D activity experience over a huge interconnected world. Investigate contorting natural hollows, old urban communities and fatal squanders; fight spoiled animals and become a close acquaintence with strange bugs; and illuminate antiquated riddles at the kingdom’s heart.

Diversion Features

Exemplary side-looking over activity, with all the advanced trimmings.

Firmly tuned 2D controls. Evade, dash and slice your way through even the most savage foes.

Investigate a huge interconnected universe of overlooked thruways, congested wilds and demolished urban communities.

Fashion your own way! The universe of Hallownest is far reaching and open. Pick which ways you take, which adversaries you face and locate your own particular manner forward.

Advance with capable new aptitudes and capacities! Pick up spells, quality and speed. Jump higher than ever on ethereal wings. Dash forward in a blasting blaze. Impact adversaries with searing Soul!

Prepare Charms! Antiquated relics that offer strange new powers and capacities. Pick your top choices and make your trip exceptional!

A colossal cast of adorable and frightening characters all enlivened with customary 2D outline by-outline movement.

More than 130 adversaries! 30 epic supervisors! Face fierce monsters and vanquish old knights on your mission through the kingdom. Find each and every bent enemy and add them to your Hunter’s Journal!

Jump into minds with the Dream Nail. Reveal an entire opposite side to the characters you meet and the foes you confront.

Lovely painted scenes, with extreme parallax, give an exceptional feeling of profundity to a side-on world.

Outline your voyage with broad mapping devices. Purchase compasses, plumes, maps and sticks to improve your comprehension of Hollow Knight’s many winding scenes.

A frightful, imply score goes with the player on their excursion, created by Christopher Larkin. The score echoes the greatness and misery of a civilisation conveyed to demolish.

Finish Hollow Knight to open Steel Soul Mode, a definitive test!

An Evocative Hand-Crafted World

The universe of Hollow Knight is enlivened in striking, ill humored detail, its sinkholes buzzing with strange and alarming animals, each vivified by turn in a conventional 2D style.

Each new region you’ll find is flawlessly one of a kind and bizarre, overflowing with new animals and characters. Take in the sights and reveal new ponders covered up off of the generally accepted way to go.

In the event that you like great gameplay, adorable yet dreadful characters, epic experience and lovely, gothic universes, at that point Hollow Knight is standing by!




Empty Knight would now be able to be played in Italian, on account of the assistance of a fabulous, devoted pack of fan interpreters!


A few players have been having issues with their controllers not being perceived by the diversion, or carrying on peculiarly. As a stage toward settling the issue, we’ve added this option control mode to the diversion.

In case you’re having issues with your controller, go to Options > Game Options and turn Native Controller Input (Beta) to ‘On’. This ought to ideally explain the issue.

Note that this component is still in Beta and will require some all the more testing before it is completely steady.

A few analyzers have a detailed an issue where stopping to the principle menu makes the amusement crash and close, however they report this occurs AFTER the spare happens so no information is lost – it’s a slightly badly designed/jostling. We’ll gather everybody’s input on this element and coordinate it into the amusement completely in future.

Macintosh DELAY

Brisk note for Mac clients: Due to a very late macintosh particular bug, there’ll be an exceptionally slight deferral on the Hidden Dreams refresh. We’re sad for the burden, and please anticipate that the Mac adaptation will arrive soon.


New Upgrade: Dreamgate

Two new supervisors

Two new music tracks

New Stag Station


The hindrance amongst Hallownest and Dream has debilitated. Substance can be accumulated by overcoming adversaries.

Adversary arrangement changes in City of Tears

Manager title fixes

Fizzled Tramway is just completely mapped once Tram Pass is procured

Evacuated toll door in Deepnest

Sound changes in Blue Lake

Violent wind Slash expanded size, lessened knockback, decreased expectation and recuperation time

Expanded harm for Glowing Womb hatchlings

Expanded harm for Flukenest flukes

Arriving in water never again solidifies Knight set up amid sprinkle activity

An adversary turned out to be somewhat deadlier

Settled an issue where thistle engage hitbox could remain on between scenes, if player took harm at that point instantly entered an entryway

Settled issue where player could end up noticeably caught under lift in Stag Nest

Settled issue where utilizing Quick Map at seat could bolt amusement

Settled flimsy divider in mines playing sound without blender indicated

Settled issue where ‘Appeal Broken’ message could show inaccurately

Settled issue where Soul Warrior could cause a “tink” impact on its Battle Gate

Extra little fixes

Extra impacts

Enhancements to protest fader code

Different little scene changes

Different slight guide refreshes

Different manager fixes


OS X 10.7 or later

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