GN Bundle For iWork 5.8 Crack

GN Bundle for iWork 5.8

GN Bundle For iWork 5.8 Crack

Provides quick access to a collection of high quality templates that can help you create professional looking iWork projects in no time

Apple’s iWork utilities can help you create different types of documents but reaching truly amazing results usually requires some effort. GN Bundle for iWork (formerly Bundle for iWork) is designed to help you reduce the editing time by providing an extensive collection of high quality templates that can be personalized to match your own needs.

Built-in collection of templates for all the apps in the iWork suite

In fact, GN Bundle for iWork only enables you to browse all available templates, and, once you decided to use one, you must import it to one of the iWork utilities (Pages, Numbers or Keynote) to make the necessary adjustments.

In the app’s main window you can browse the available templates by pressing the appropriate tabs: in the Pages area you can view 2500 1200 documents models, the Numbers panel includes over 335 spreadsheets while the Keynote tab offers more than 134 high quality slideshows. Note that all templates are also organized by category.

Large assortment of image content designed to help your iWork documents stand out

In addition, the iWork Stills collection gathers more than 2000 images that can be used to personalize your compositions: clipart objects, photos, people clipart, photos with transparent background, realistic objects or traffic sign images.

As a result, you will be able to create a wide range of documents, such as brochures, invoices, posters, letters, invitations or business cards. Best of all, you will not have to worry about the layout or other details: choose a template that matches your purpose, modify the text and the images if you want and your work is done.

Must-have utility for anyone working with iWork on a daily basis and in need of a starting point for a Pages, Numbers or Keynote document

The same rule applies when working with Numbers: you will be able to create professional looking tables, draw diagrams and make calculation without having to deal with complex tools or settings.

All in all, GN Bundle for iWork can prove useful if you are looking for a source of inspiration or if you are an inexperienced user trying to produce professional looking results hustle free

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