Glimpses of Santorini 8.1 Crack

Glimpses of Santorini 8.1 Crack

Glimpses of Santorini for Windows 8.1 for Windows

Glimpses of Santorini  8.1 Crack

A simple and beautiful application that can serve as a tourist guide in the Greek island of Santorini, displaying photos, local weather and lodging information

Glimpses Of Santorini is a reliable and beautifully looking application for Windows 8 and 8.1 Store, that serves as a tour guide around the Greek island of Santorini. It can be useful for tourists who wish to visit the place, since it offers a vast collection of photos as well as information about the local municipality, traditions and cuisine.

Competent tourist guide

The application can be highly useful if you wish to visit the island, since it offers advanced searching tools, so that you can easily find hotels or other type of lodging. You can filter the search, in order to view hotels in a specific area or limit accommodation prices.

Moreover, the software offers a deep link towards Expedia Affiliate Network and enables you to book a room at any of the listed hotels. Other than that, it uses a GPS system, in order to pin point important locations to the map. Hotels, interest points or beaches are indicated automatically, and you can even spot yourself on the Santorini map, so you do not get lost.

Additionally, the application offers you the local weather prognosis for the entire week.

Tourist attractions and beaches

The application features a vast collection of images of the island, the local villages, the volcano and the beaches. Also, it recommends that you visit the second most popular island in the vicinity, namely Therassia. You can view photos from all the villages and beaches or filter your search to the sites most people visit.

Additionally, the application offers you general information about Santorini and the group of islands it belongs to, about the climate and municipality, as well as cuisine or other products preferred by the local inhabitants.

You can view indications about architectural treasures, historical sites and other tourist attractions worth seeing.


Glimpses of Santorini is an easy to use application, that can prove useful if you decide to visit the Greek island. It is a complete tourist guide that enables you to easily find accommodation and find information regarding weekly weather and sites worth seeing.

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