Gemini II 2.3.8 Crack

Gemini II 2.3.8 Crack

Gemini II 2.3.8

Gemini II 2.3.8 Crack

A very useful application with a built-in preview, that enables users to find and remove duplicates effortlessly with just a few clicks

Gemini is a duplicate detector that can help you free up storage space that is taken up unnecessarily. The app can scan your entire home folder or only user specified directories and features beautiful animations in the mean time.

During our tests, on a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 6 GB of RAM, Gemini was able to scan a 12 GB folder comprising around 1.600 different items in less than a minute. Note that Gemini also allows you to analyze more than one folder at a time.

Analyze the content stored on your drive and identify duplicate files

Once the procedure is complete, Gemini generates a graph that highlights the type of duplicate files that have been detected. In addition, you get to see the type of files that have been selected to be removed if you opt to use the Smart Cleanup function.

Within the Gemini results window, you get to see the duplicate files organized by category, together with items indicated by the utility as similar. You get to review each group with ease, and even preview the content of each file, archive, or folder.

Review the scan results on your own and manually mark the files that are to be deleted

Personally reviewing the results list is necessary to make sure you actually don’t need the respective items, but also because Gemini does not make an automate selection in all cases. As a result, there might be duplicate files left even after the utility cleans up your drive.

Gemini offers you the possibility to decide if you want to scan for similar files or not, to create custom ignore lists, to apply smart selection rules, or to specify how you want to handle the duplicate files.

Duplicates scanning and deletion tool that can be easily personalized by the user

The Gemini cleaner tool can send the files to the trash, to a user specified folder, or you can have them removed permanently. Moreover, Gemini can eliminate empty folders or replace files with hard links.

To sum it all up, Gemini is a straightforward tool that enables you to analyze the files and folders stored on your drive, and help you detect and remove the items that take up space unnecessarily.

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