GC-PrevuePlus 17.3.6 Crack

GC-PrevuePlus 17.3.6 Crack

GC-PrevuePlus 17.3.6 Build 2017081010 for Windows

GC-PrevuePlus 17.3.6 Crack

View and edit PCB Gerber format designs with this comprehensive application that allows you to adjust source graphical elements and add text boxes

At the heart of all hardware items employed by most household consumers today stand PCB design files. These items contain in minute details the elements that go into any circuit board, from copper layers to solder masks and even legend boxes. For anyone who has ever wanted to be able to open such documents GC-PrevuePlus, provides a viable solution, as it can load, but also convert most printed circuit board blueprints.

View printed circuit board designs

Specifically, the application can load and process Gerber (standard and extended) items, as well as AutoCAD, DPF, and HPGL formats. Once loaded, the application displays both metadata, as well as the actual design and other valid input files include EDIF, NC Drill or NC Rout, and EmmaODB++ formats.

A notable feature is the program’s ability not only to open such documents, but also to edit stored data, as well as to add notes on the PCB designs. More-so, one can issue basic conversions from Gerber to DXFs and measuring the distance between various graphical elements is also possible.

Add new graphical objects, including polygons or CCW arcs

The utility can perform various editing operations, including object clipping, mirroring, rotating or scaling tasks, as well as insert new objects, such as circles, text blocks, and CCW arcs. Several auxiliary tools are available for use, including polygon reordering and repairing functions and one can also compare source layers. An intuitive crosshair allows users to pinpoint objects accurately an various magnification factors are available to make visibile every detail on the circuit board.

Once satisfied with their adjustments, users can export projects to various formats, including multi-page Gerber RS-274-X and DPF files, as well as HPGL and DXF or DWG documents. One can also build simple BMPs and plot data can also be written to PDFs.

A highly detailed viewer and editor for most 2D PCB binary vector images

In conclusion, GC-PrevuePlus is a comprehensive solution for anyone who often works with PCB designs. It allows one to view such documents, as well as to make basic and advanced adjustments. Converting source files to various formats, including extended Gerber RS-274X or deprecated RS-274-D files is also possible.

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