Fliky Crack

Fliky Crack

Fliky for Windows

Fliky Crack

Enjoy the best of Flickr from your Windows 10 devices, with this intuitive third-party client that lets you do most of what you can in the web app

Used by millions from around the world, Flickr is a popular website for photographers and bloggers, as well as those who simply wish to share their photos with others. However, if you are tired of the web UI and want to try something new, this app may be just what you need.

Fliky is an unofficial Flickr client that provides you with an alternative method of accessing the service and managing your account. It supports most of the features offered by the web service, and it sports an intuitive UI.

Browse the extensive Flickr database from your Windows 10 devices

By default, the application displays your feed upon launch. Here, you can see new photos uploaded by users you are following, so you will never miss anything important. However, you can also change what the app displays on startup.

Of course, Fliky also lists popular images that have been made public, and you can use the built-in search function to find interesting content.

Favorite and share photos, download files and leave comments

When clicking an image, you are presented with additional details about the camera, as well as other photos from the same user. You can favorite and share the picture and, if the user has allowed it, even download the file.

Comments are listed in a separate tab, and you can also leave your own thoughts if you find a photo to be particularly impressive.

Manage your account and upload content

The account management screen is almost identical to the one featured in the web app, so you should have no problems getting the hang of things.

As expected, the application also allows you to upload new images, as well as create and manage albums, groups, favorites, followers and followed users.

All in all, Fliky is a great third-party client for those who are tired of accessing Flicker from their browsers. It offers a decent set of features, and first-time users should find the UI to be very intuitive.

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