EZ Game Booster Crack

EZ Game Booster

 EZ Game Booster Crack

Enhance your gaming experience by turning unnecessary processes off and optimizing the usage of computer resources with this application

EZ Game Booster is a piece of software that allows you to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience by rearranging computer resource usage and turning off unnecessary applications running the background and that could clog your system.

Comes with a stylish and appealing GUI

The UI consists of two section and comes with a sleek and modern interface that is designed with tones of black and blue. While the left panel displays the categories of resources that you can access to enhance performance, the right pane allows you to view more details about the features that can be modified.

The interface comes with a neat status bar where you can survey useful information about your system, such as disk space usage as well as CPU and memory usage, for instance. In addition, you can check out the battery charge status and the power remaining, in the eventuality that you are playing on a laptop.

Enables you to turn off unnecessary processes

The highlight of the tool stems from the fact that it helps you identify unnecessary processes and services that are running in the background and suspending them. As a consequence, your processor, RAM and video card are going to have free resources that can be employed for enhancing the PC game you want to play.

In addition, the program includes a useful defragmentation tool that enables you to speed up the loading and running of games you usually play. On a side note, the function can just as well be used for applications you have installed on your computer.

You should know that program includes a useful section that allows you to quickly access the Windows tools that can modify and hence, improve the system’s performance.

Windows Task Manager, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Performance Monitor, Game Controllers and Power Settings are among the tools that can be optimized so that enhance your system’s responsiveness and performance while playing games that rely heavily on your CPU and video card.

A utility that can improve your gaming experience

All in all, if you feel that your computer has become a little sluggish when it comes to running your favorite games (long loading times, lag spikes, freezes, etc.), then perhaps EZ Game Booster can lend you a hand.

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