eMonit Employee Monitor Crack

eMonit Employee Monitor Crack

eMonit Employee Monitor Crack

  eMonit Employee Monitor Crack

Monitor the activity of multiple computers in your local network using this web UI application that can capture visited websites, keystrokes, clipboard content, and more

eMonit Employee Monitor is a useful browser-based application that enables you to set up an activity monitoring system for your employees. The software comes as a complete solution, both for servers and for client systems, and enables you to actively and effectively supervise your employee’s movements.

Activity monitoring for the company security

eMonit Employee Monitor is a simple to use system that allows you to view a user’s actions on a computer connected to the server or the local network. The application can automatically determine if the computer on which is being installed is connected to a network and allows you to choose the type of installation you wish to activate.

If you are operating on an administrator computer, you can install the server version, otherwise, you may opt for the client installer. As an administrator, you can view the users’ activity on the computer: the programs they access, the Internet addresses they visit or what they type on the keyboard. Moreover, the software can read the timestamp of each action, as well as its duration and display them in the dedicated tabs.

View activity logs and server status

Since it is a browser-based application, it does not create icons or shortcuts on the computer, thus running silently in the background of each client computer. Aside from displaying the user activity on a specific computer, the software can also generate reports, regarding the selected period.

Moreover, you can set filters for programs and websites, in order to view the frequency of accessing specific applications/Internet addresses. Additionally, the software can take silent snapshots of the entire desktop, for each computer under surveillance. You can automate the process by setting the program to take screenshots at a specified time interval.

Lightweight application for network surveillance

eMonit Employee Monitor is a useful and simple to use software designed to help you record your employees’ activity. It is designed as a security solution for companies with a large number of computer using personnel. As an administrator, you may not control another computer, but you can view the user’s activity and the time of day it took place. For additional protection, the software is locked by an administrator password.

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