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EasyNote Crack

Take simple notes on your computer by turning to this lightweight application that requires no additional or complicated configuration

If your life is rather hectic, you might be comfortable with taking notes every once in a while, so you don’t forget about certain things such as a writing prompt, or some groceries you need to pick up on your way.

EasyNote is one of the software solutions that can help you in the situation depicted above, as it provides you with all the necessary tools and a simplistic interface.

No complicated setup

Deploying this app on your computer goes smooth, as you don’t actually need to perform any complicated steps. You only have to launch the setup pack, specify an output directory and extract the program.

After doing so, you can navigate to the folder you set and run the executable, as the app doesn’t create any additional shortcuts.

Simplistic layout

EasyNote comes with a plain interface with intuitive functions that can be easily operated by almost every computer users who have a basic understanding of simple software tools.

The main window consists of two sections and a bunch of buttons that let you create new notes, edit existing ones or adjust a bunch of basic settings.

Create simplistic notes

Jotting down your thoughts for the day can be easily done by clicking the large “+” button on the main screen, assigning a title to your note and filling in the body with the text content of your choice. However, you are warned that using the same title a second time rejects your note.

The text you type in your notes can be set to bold, italic, underlined or strikethrough modes by clicking the corresponding buttons when creating or editing a note. Unfortunately, no objects can be attached to the notes, such as sound or image files. Saving an item generates a text file in the root folder of the app with the same title as the note you want to export.

Lightweight note organizer

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a simple text note organizer, you might consider giving EasyNote a try. It comes with a simplistic interface, requires no complicated steps during setup and can be easily used even by novices.

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