Dyrii 1.10 Crack

Dyrii 1.10 Crack

Dyrii 1.10 For Mac

Dyrii 1.10 Crack

Easy to use macOS app designed to help you record your memories via a journal-like interface featuring a large assortment of templates

Journals are the easiest tool to use if you need to create a detailed log of specific events you experience throughout your life or during a particular period of time.

You can use the Dyrii electronic diary to help you do this, a macOs application designed from the ground up to make it as quick and as straightforward as possible to create and manage a daily log of your life using your Mac.

Rich text and multimedia enabled diary

Moreover, Dyrii enables you to add new entries in a snap by clicking the “+” button at the top right side of its main screen, create image based entries by drag and dropping photos from anywhere on your Mac, and easily overview all your daybook entries via the Timeline tab in the main window.

Once entered in the journal, the records can be viewed with the help of the preview panel on the right side of the main screen and further customized by clicking the Edit button.

Dyrii allows you to create diary entries containing anything from rich text and handwritten notes, to multimedia content such as photos, videos, and audio recordings. You can attach any of them with the help of the toolbox at the bottom of the editing window.

Add fully-formatted new entries in a second using templates

If you are in a hurry and you don’t want to build an entry from scratch, you can also use any of the templates bundled within the application.

Furthermore, the Dyrii utility features a built-in journal entry search engine designed to make it simple to pinpoint any of your previously entered recordings. Additionally, it comes with support for organizing your notebook using tags, a simple way of quickly filtering out the records by clicking on the tag you need to review.

The Dyrii app comes with support for password protecting your diary and an offline mode which makes it possible to keep all your data stored on your Mac, for extra privacy.

If however, you trust Apple’s iCloud to store your diary entries, Dyrii also provides you with the option to sync your database automatically to your iCloud account.

Streamlined journal manager for recording daily highlights with ease

Your iCloud account can also be used to synchronize your journal with the one you manage using the Dyrii iOS app, an iPad and iPhone utility which comes with even more features when compared to the desktop one.

Thus you will be able to edit and view your daybook while on the go, knowing that all your data is kept safe in your iCloud account and synchronized between all your devices.

All in all, Dyrii is a good app to have on your Mac if you need an effortless way of rapidly recording multimedia-based journal entries, view them as a timeline and keep them organized using a tag-based system.

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