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DiskDigger – is an utility for recouping erased or designed records from any capacity media associated with your PC, including a wide range of memory cards, USB drives and inward or outside hard drives. The program completely scans the document framework for hints of records and additionally erased records and enables you to review a large portion of them as they are found. You can confine the pursuit to certain record sorts and furthermore indicate the part scope of the circle to check. Simple to utilize; moment review of discovered documents; works with a wide range of capacity media.


• basically, the program is moving more towards a “shareware” display. Here is precisely how it will function now:

• When you run the program, it will work typically. That is, it will discover your erased records, demonstrate you sees, and so forth.

• When you endeavor to spare the erased documents, the program will demonstrate a message box requesting that you enter a permit key.

• The program will really give you a chance to proceed without a permit key (after a short postponement), however it will keep flying up the message box for each document you attempt to spare without a permit key.

• Based on the above, you can in fact recuperate every one of your documents for nothing with DiskDigger.

What’s New

* not accessible

Title Release: DiskDigger.

Engineer: Home Page

Permit: ShareWare

OS: Windows


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