Desktop Bible 3.7.7 Crack

Desktop Bible 3.7.7

Desktop Bible 3.7.7 Crack

Read the Bible and easily find particular passages in no time with the help of this beautiful macOS application that provides support for using multiple Bible versions

There are numerous translations available for the Christian Bible, and the King James version is probably one of the most popular.

Desktop Bible is a beautifully designed macOS application that provides quick access to over 48 different Bible versions, including the King James translation.

Read the Bible and quickly find specific passages

Within the Desktop Bible main window, you get to see all the available Bible translations,  quickly navigate to the Old or New Testament, and select one of the available books. In the app’s center area, you will be able to read the text and even compare different translations.

For your convenience, Desktop Bible permits separate scrolling while running comparison tasks and for parallel reading, so you get to browse through two different Bible versions at the same time. If you need to make personal observations, you can save text content in the app’s Journal panel.

At the same time, the Desktop Bible search function offers you the possibility to find all the passages that include a particular keyword, which makes the Bible browsing process a lot more time efficient.

User-friendly desktop solution for navigating and studying the Bible

Desktop Bible integrates various functions aimed to help you while studying the Scripture texts. You can mark certain passages as favorite to find them faster, or highlight verses using a different color to make them more visible.

Moreover, Desktop Bible includes a presentation mode that allows you to display the text using a projector or a second screen, and even provides support for a speak mode in which the Bible text is read aloud to the user.

Share the sacred text with others in no time

Naturally, the Bible text can be easily shared with others either by using the copy paste function, or the built-in sharing options.

To conclude, Desktop Bible provides a well-organized environment for reading the Scripture text, enables you to personally compare different translations, and helps you highlight the passages that interest you the most.

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