DBeaver 4.1.3 Crack

DBeaver 4.1.3 For Mac

 DBeaver 4.1.3 Crack

Database manager application for macOS that provides support for numerous database servers and comes with a built-in SQL editor.

Written in Java, DBeaver is a database manager that provides support for working with some of the most popular database servers out there, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLite, Sybase, and so on.

Connect to database servers and start browsing their contents

DBeaver comes with a connection manager that features wizards for numerous connection types. To find a specific wizard faster, just use the built-in search tool. Each new connection will be displayed in the DBeaver main window, and you can easily browse its content.

Within the DBeaver window, you get to see the database structure, such as tables, columns, procedures, triggers, users, and so on. You can open any of the included objects in the editor with a simple double click.

Note the DBeaver can also be used to edit metadata entities, but it greatly depends on the database type. For your convenience, DBeaver also integrates a search tool that can query the metadata content or scan the full text.

Execute queries by using the built-in SQL editor

DBeaver offers you the possibility to open an SQL editor for any of the database connections. The application allows you to import or export SQL scripts and permits you to keep them organized into folders.

This way you get to execute SQL scripts and run queries without leaving the DBeaver application. DBeaver provides support for viewing and editing the content, helps you filter and order the data, can export results, and is able to generate SQL statements.

Administer databases in a centralized manner and use SQL to manage their content

To sum up, DBeaver can be used to connect to numerous types of databases in order to view their structure and even generate database diagrams in no time.

Moreover, thanks to the included SQL support, DBeaver also enables you to execute scripts and run queries without having to employ third party apps.

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