Dailymotion Downloader 3.9.2 Crack

Dailymotion Downloader 3.9.2 Crack

Dailymotion Downloader 3.9.2 for Windows

Dailymotion Downloader 3.9.2 Crack

Seamlessly download and convert your favorite videos from Dailymotion.com so that you can open them with other devices and applications

While they may appear very similar at first glance, the truth is that there are some differences between YouTube and Dailymotion that are particularly noticeable in the context of how businesses incorporate them into their identities. Nevertheless, these services appear to have the same issues, namely that it is rather difficult to download the clips you enjoy locally.

As you probably guessed from its name, Dailymotion Downloader is an application designed to help you grab videos from the popular video services and convert them to multimedia or audio formats so that you can access them when you are not in front of the computer.

Allows you to download videos in high-definition

The tool comes with a clean and user-friendly interface, so it is unlikely that you can have issues getting around. Functionality-wise, the program is as simple as it looks and grabbing clips is a quick matter of pasting the URL address.

You will be happy to learn that the tool permits you to choose between different qualities available prior to the download. Consequentially, if you intend to play them on older devices, then you can go for low, standard, medium or high quality. On the other hand, if you are playing them on the latest tablet or a TV with HDMI capabilities, then you can select 4K Ultra or 2K Quad, for instance.

Includes a player and various tools for converting

It is worth mentioning that the utility comes with an advanced player so that you can immediately watch individual clips or playlists without having to use other third-party software solutions. The player supports full screen and the standard features you would expect.

A further noteworthy supported function is the conversion, especially since the program accepts quite an impressive array of file formats, ranging from MP4 and AVI to MKV and FLV. In the eventuality that you did not select the file format prior to grabbing the video, then you can convert the clip later on to a format that works with the device you intend to access the files with.

A handy app for downloading videos from Dailymotion.com

All in all, if you enjoy watching clips on Dailymotion and would like to include your favorite ones into your collection, then perhaps Dailymotion Downloader could lend you a hand.

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