CrankWheel Screen Sharing Crack

CrankWheel Screen Sharing Crack

CrankWheel Screen Sharing

CrankWheel Screen Sharing Crack

Share your browser tab, application window, or entire screen with others without making them install additional software, with the help of this Chrome extension

CrankWheel Screen Sharing is a Chrome extension designed to help you share screen content with others by simply providing a link, without making the recipient to install any additional software.

The CrankWheel Screen Sharing links can be opened in any web browser, on desktop or mobile devices, which means that you can start presentations that can be viewed by anyone in the world in no time.

Screen sharing solution that integrates with your Chrome web browser

To install the CrankWheel Screen Sharing extension, you need to navigate to the appropriate Chrome Store page in the host app and press the “Add to Chrome” button present on the page.

The CrankWheel Screen Sharing icon will be placed next to the address bar, but the add-on’s panel will be launched as a separate panel next to the browser window.

Note that to be able to use the CrankWheel Screen Sharing capabilities you need to register for an account free of charge or connect with your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.

What’s more, the service also provides paid subscription plans that include the option to work with multiple presenters and to manage the permissions for your team members. Additionally, there is the option for co-branding, white labeling, audit logging and CRM integration.

Share a browser tab, an app window, or your entire screen

Once everything is up and running, in the CrankWheel Screen Sharing panel you get to decide if you want to start sharing one of your tabs, one of the windows currently present on your screen, or the entire desktop.

The next step is to connect with viewers by sending private links via a message, by email, or by simply copying the link to your clipboard. In addition, the viewers can access your public link and ask to connect to a presenter, in which case you need to confirm the connection.

The best part is that CrankWheel Screen Sharing allows you to preview what the recipient is seeing on its screen, so you can easily identify if there are any delays and avoid confusions.

Deliver presentations or improve customer support without relying on complicated tools

CrankWheel Screen Sharing offers you the possibility to deliver visual information to your customers or team members almost instantly, without making them register for an account or installing additional software.

The CrankWheel Screen Sharing sessions can be accessed from virtually any web browser, and you can choose to show an app window, a particular browser tab, or the entire screen.

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