Comodo Dragon Web Browser 58.0.3029.112 Crack

Comodo Dragon Web Browser 58.0.3029.112 [Latest]

Comodo Dragon Web Browser 58.0.3029.112 Crack

Comodo Dragon Web Browser – is a quick and flexible Internet Browser in view of Chromium, imbued with Comodo’s unparalleled level of Security! The Comodo Dragon has taken the most recent Chromium innovation and beefed it up in the restricted important to make it the ideal Browser to use on the present malware tormented Internet with unrivaled security and protection. The Comodo Dragon includes the greater part of the best elements of Chrome. It incorporates a vital element each client needs to utilize the Internet in absolute security today. The interface looks practically a similar like Chrome with tabs to finish everything. A program created by an organization that is best known for its firewall programming can leave individuals feeling more secure about their Internet use.

Comodo Dragon will pull up a brilliant yellow alert message cautioning individuals that sending data might be perilous when they are entering a Web webpage with an unsteady security authentication. Likewise, Comodo Dragon does not send perusing data to a remote server.

Comodo Dragon is a stylishly moderate program that is appealing, responsive, and secure. From the separable tabs at the highest point of the screen to the bookmark-matching up choice, it is difficult to in a split second perceive where the “remix” happens. The Help tab even diverts you to Google Chrome’s Help page and the Extensions tab diverts you to Google also.

It additionally keeps Chrome’s in secret mode alternative, where all perusing data and treats are erased following the client’s Web session. After jabbing around the Options menu, there are two or three noticeable contrasts: there are no area settings and Dragon does not present a choice to send “use measurements and crash reports to Google.”

This program is quick, as well as like Google Chrome, it is not strewn with various symbols, leaving more space for Web seeing. For the individuals who are additional careful about their online security, or for the individuals who are stressed over Google’s information mining, this quick program is an extraordinary decision.


• Improved Privacy over Chromium

• Easy SSL Certificate Identification

• Fast Website Access

• Greater Stability and Less Memory Bloat

• Incognito Mode Stops Cookies, Improves Privacy

• Prevents all Browser download following to guarantee your security

What’s New

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Title Release: Comodo.Dragon.58.0.3029.112

Designer: Home Page

Permit: FreeWare

OS: Windows


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