coconutBattery 3.6.3 Crack

coconutBattery 3.6.3 Crack

coconutBattery 3.6.3 For Mac

coconutBattery 3.6.3 Crack

A small macOS application designed to help you monitor the status of your notebook battery, but also provides details about the computer and battery model

Your Apple notebook’s battery looses its health in time, so tracking the battery health level is a good idea if you do not want to be caught by surprise. coconutBattery is a small but very useful Mac app that analyses the current status of your battery and keeps historical logs.

Provides you with detailed information about your Mac’s battery via a minimalist user interface

coconutBattery comes with a small window that is separated in two tabs: summary (here you can view details about the battery’s current status) and history (allows you to browse the available logs).

Besides information related to the battery health, coconutBattery is also able to provide details about the Mac model you are using, the manufacture date, the age in days, the serial number, and the currently installed operating system.

Extensive information about the battery’s current status

coconutBattery displays data about the current battery charge, the maximum possible charge at the time, but also the initial capacity for the battery design. Moreover, you can see the manufacture date, the number of load cycles, the OSX Battery status, and the battery temperature / usage level / state.

All this information and the fact that you can save the readings as historical log files, give you the possibility to see how the battery health deprecates in time.

User friendly battery health tracker with export and import options

Additionally, coconutBattery offers you the possibility to backup the readings by exporting them to CSV or archive files: this way you will be able to preserve the information even if you reinstall your system.

Also noteworthy is that coconutBattery can import only archive files: you can use the CSVs for sharing purposes, but you must generate an archive to be able to import the data.

coconutBattery provides basic tools for reading the current status of your notebook’s battery and is able to save the logs separately. Thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface, even most inexperienced users will find their way around the app quite easily.

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