CloneDisk 2.3.5 Crack

CloneDisk 2.3.5 Crack

CloneDisk 2.3.5 Crack


CloneDisk is a free, portable app that can backup and restore image files, create and delete partitions, and clone one disk to another.

Clonedisk has a large information panel to the left and all available operations in a menu to the right. These include Clone, Volume, Disk, Virtual Hard Disk, and Disk Image.

While most people will want to use this to make a backup image for their drive, it can do much more including:

  • save/restore the MBR or BS,
  • delete the layout of the drive
  • wipe with 0’s
  • create a raw image file
  • make a VMware or MS Virtual Server image from a raw image file to boot your cloned disk in VMware
  • do various operations on the registry around booting
  • format any device to fat16/fat32/ntfs/exFAT/UDF (including USB pen),
  • read faulty devices (with bad sectors for instance),
  • perform speed tests
  • edit the partition table, view the boot sector
  • create a disk, create a partition
  • Extend/shrink a volume

    Clone disk is simply an excellent app to make images, manage partitions or to create an image of your drive. You’d be hard pressed to find an app under 3Mb that does everything that Clonedisk does.

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