Clipart Stack 3.2 Crack

Clipart Stack 3.2 Crack

Clipart Stack (formerly Jumsoft Clipart) 3.2 For Mac

Clipart Stack 3.2 Crack

A large and comprehensive collection of over 1846 glossy clipart images that can help you create eye-catching documents, presentations, invitations and mor

If you are looking for new ways to impress your clients, friends, family and co-workers then, Clipart Stack (formerly known as Jumsoft Clipart) is the application that can help you.

Clipart Stack is a practical application filled with 1600 shiny clipart pieces that you can use to make presentations, documents, greetings, invitations, web pages, newsletters, posters and any text content you want.

From Clipart Stack’s intuitive interface you have quick and easy access to a wide variety of images that range from science, medicine and geography to pets, nature, toys, transport, food, furniture, holidays and more. Moreover, Jumsoft Clipart promises to constantly update their collection and add new items and objects.

All provided clipart files feature a transparent background that enables you to use them on various colors and patters. What is more, the provided images are available in both PDF and PNG file format. By using the PNG format, you will have more advanced image customization possibilities and the option to adjust the colors of the clipart. On the other hand, the PDF file format helps you resize images without altering the quality of the image.

In addition, Clipart Stack’s images are fully compatible with Apple’s Keynote and Pages, Microsoft’s Word and PowerPoint as well as with numerous graphic editors.

To use one of the provided clipart you just have to drag and drop the image onto your document and make the necessary adjustments once the image is loaded.

Clipart Stack also features a built-in search form the allows you to search and find the desired image. You can even adjust the size of the thumbnails if you need to view multiple items on the same page or have a better look at the selected category. The left panel helps you select the format in which you want to view the image and access the available categories.

In conclusion, Clipart Stack is a user-oriented application that provides easy and quick access to numerous well-designed clipart images.

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