CDex 1.86 Crack

CDex 1.86 Crack

CDex 1.86 Crack + Portable Full Free Download

CDex 1.86 Crack


CDex is capable of extracting the data from an audio CD and providing you with a WAV file that can be used to create compilation audio CD’s or the audio data can be compressed using an audio encoder. It supports various encoders.

WAV files on the hard drive can be converted to a Compressed Audio File (and vice-versa). CDex also supports many audio file tag formats like the ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, which can be automatically inserted as part of the ripping process.

CDex is one of the most popular CDs ripper/extractor out there. It comes bundled with the LAME MP3 Encoder, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey’s Audio encoder, and provides support for various other encoders

Portable CDex is a powerful audio CD ripper that allows you to convert the tracks on an audio CD to MP3 or WAV.

CDex 1.86 Crack

The interface is straightforward enough to make everything easy to use even for the very beginners. It displays the disc content, along with dedicated fields to let you specify artist and album information, pick genre and year.

Plus, you can select the drive to use, but also choose the action to perform using the available tracks, which can be any of the following: Extract CD tracks to WAV or MP3, convert WAV to MP3 and vice-versa, get album information from remote CDDB and access the program’s options.

The “Settings” screen is indeed playing a key role for the output file as it allows you to configure filenames, encoders, CD drive and other general options. For example, you can set up file tag options and input the content to appear in the card comment fields, normalize volume and shut down the PC after ripping.

CDex 1.86

Portable CDex processes file very fast and work smoothly on all Windows versions, without asking for administrator privileges. Additionally, since it’s portable, you don’t need to install the app, and it’s enough to copy all files on a mobile device and use the program wherever you go.

Overall, Portable Codex does its job and doesn’t affect system performance at all, providing a very user-friendly environment addressed to all types of users.


  • Direct recording of multiple tracks
  • Read/store album information from/to the cd player.In file
  • Read / store album information from/to a local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB)
  • Support CD-Text (if your CD-drive supports it)
  • Advanced jitter correction (based on the cd-paranoia ripping library)
  • Indicates track progress and jitter control
  • Normalization of audio signal
  • Supports many CD-Drive from many manufacturers
  • Conversion of external WAV files
  • Support for M3U and PLS playlist files
  • Best of all, it’s free (GPL license, source code available)

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