bcPodTunes Crack

bcPodTunes Crack

bcPodTunes Beta for Windows

bcPodTunes Crack

Get access to media stored on your iPod with the help of this player that packs eye-catching visuals, an equalizers, and many other goodies

Your iPod is probably home to a nice compilation of audio gems, and while the device’s portability probably makes it irreplaceable, there are moments when you want to share the experience with other people, in which case playing your music on a PC could be the most comfortable choice.

bcPodTunes is an application that allows you to do precisely that without asking you to actually transfer the tracks to your computer. In fact, bcPodTunes is a media player that enables you to easily play content stored on your iPod in an interface that makes navigation a piece of cake.

Helps you play your iPod music on a computer

Once the software utility is up and running and you have connected your iPod to your PC via a USB cable, the device is recognized automatically, with its name being displayed on top of the available categories.

All the default media categories are supported by the program, which means it is capable of handling music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks. You simply need to double-click any of the found items, with pause, forward, and backward buttons being available along with a slider bar to adjust the volume. Apart from that, an equalizer should enable you to fine-tune the audio experience as you see fit.

Comes with an eye-catching collection of visuals

What is also great about the application is that it packs a series of captivating visuals to accompany the music you are playing, not to mention that it is able to search for lyrics on the Internet if you want to sing along.

Other than that, it is worth mentioning that importing artwork from the web is also possible and takes little time.

Well put-together media player

On an ending note, bcPodTunes is a nice-looking tool that helps you play media bundled on your iPod. A series of basic controls are available for you to use while also having your eyes feast on beautiful artwork, for which reason we think the program is definitely worth a shot.

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