Batch JPEG Date Changer Crack

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 Batch JPEG Date Changer Crack

Change the creation, modification date and also the EXIF date of individual or multiple image files with the help of this straightforward utility

Keeping track of the dates of our photos or categorizing them by date is probably not something that most us do but in the case of professional photographers this might just be one of the most important tasks.

If the latter situation applies to your case, then you can employ the services of a lightweight and useful app with its self-explanatory name, Batch JPEG Date Changer.

In a few words, the utility makes it almost effortless for you to change the creation, modification and even the EXIF dates of individual photos or multiple ones.

Typical installation process and unassuming looks

The application undergoes a typical installation process subsequent to which you can start taking advantage of what it has to offer right away, without any customization from your part.

In the looks department, there is not much to be said as the app comes with an unassuming user interface. Despite this, the interface is very intuitive and straightforward, with a large top toolbar that helps you swiftly load files or folders, apply or undo changes and clear the list.

Novice-accessible and fast photo date changer

Since everything is right on display, working with this program is hardly a challenge, regardless of your computer experience. Basically, the app has two work modes: you can either edit or alter the dates of the currently selected photo or you can batch-edit the time properties for all the loaded images.

Another neat feature is the fact that the program supports the addition and subtraction of time units (minutes, hours, days, weeks and months). If you did not get everything right the first time, then you should be happy to hear that the app also features a very handy ‘Revert Changes’ function.

Change the dates of multiple photos in mere seconds

To conclude, regardless of you needing an app for modifying the dates of local photos, cloud-stored ones or scanned documents, Batch JPEG Date Changer is up for the job at hand.

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