Avro Keyboard Bangla Software 5-5-0-0 Crack

Avro Keyboard Bangla Software Crack free DownloadAvro Keyboard Bangla Software Crack

Avro Keyboard Bangla Software Crack is a free Bangla typing software with full support for Unicode.  With Avro Keyboard Bangla Software you will be able to type in Bangla language using your standard keyboard. The program has a simple interface that comes under the form of a toolbar. From there you can launch any of the available tools, switch the input language between English and Bangla, choose between the provided Bangla layouts and much more.


– English to Bangla phonetic typing has been implemented in a user-friendly manner with a floating preview window for you to see on the fly how English text is being converted into Bangla and Dictionary support with fully editable auto-correct function.
– The program provides multiple keyboard layouts used in Bangla and India: Probhat, Munir Optima, Avro Easy, Bornona, National (Jatiya).
– Besides the keyboard layouts, Avro Keyboard also comes with a virtual Bangla keyboard that allows you to type Bangla (and Assamese) using your mouse.
– The built-in spell-checker enables you to check spelling inside Microsoft Word.

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