AutoSplitter 1.7.10 Crack

AutoSplitter 1.7.10 for Windows

AutoSplitter 1.7.10 Crack

Simple-to-use application which enables you to automatically or manually split scanned images, and save them to the hard drive in a JPG format

AutoSplitter is a software utility developed specifically in order to help people scan multiple photos at a time and split them into different files.

After a quick and uneventful installation process, you are greeted by an intuitive interface which allows any type of person to find their way around it, without encountering issues. Aside from that, it consists of several shortcut buttons and two panels in which to view scanned images and the results.

This program enables you to upload already scanned JPG files, or use the incorporated scan tool. The latter permits you to choose one of the connected devices and the quality, from 300 DPI to 1200 DPI.

Adding photos can only be done by clicking the “Open File” button. The “drag and drop” function is not supported, which is a drawback, seeing it could have helped users manage their files much easier.

After uploading a picture, the software tool is going to detect all the different scanned items and they are going to be displayed separately. If not, a message on how you can fix everything is shown, or you can always manually add splits.

It is possible to choose the output folder and rename resulted JPGs, as well as tweak the calibration parameters. For example, you can change the background color, corner, angle and background threshold, use entropy mapping and configure the output JPG quality (from 20 to 100).

The application is not going to put a strain on your computer’s performance, as it uses minimal CPU and memory. Response time is good and we did not register any errors, crashes or bugs during our tests. In conclusion, AutoSplitter proves to be a useful piece of software for people interested in scanning multiple pictures at a time and splitting them afterward.

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