aTube Catcher 3.8.9152 Crack

aTube Catcher 3.8.9152 Crack

aTube Catcher 3.8.9152 for Windows

aTube Catcher 3.8.9152 Crack

Download videos from various online destinations and convert them to the file formats of your choice with the help of this intuitive piece of software

Watching online videos and saving them for offline viewing is not at all a difficult task these days, thanks to the plethora of applications that are especially designed for these purposes. Among them, aTube Catcher tries to tackles this task in a particular manner and turns the whole process into a very catchy thing.

As expected, this utility supports direct download links, which means you can manually input the video you wish to download, but it can also cope with that automatically, using the built-in search engine. Another great thing is that aTube Catcher comes with a huge list of supported video sharing websites you can choose from.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the application’s ability to convert the files it downloads, so you can easily get the format you wish to use in just a few seconds. If, for example, you wish to grab a certain video and use it on your iPhone or iPad, just pick the MP4 format and the application will do the conversion job automatically.

Leaving the video downloading chapter aside, aTube Catcher also flirts pretty well with MP3s as it can grab music tracks too. The program searches online for artists and songs, returns the results in a few moments and enables you to download the file or simply play it.

During our tests, the search engine worked very well for both video and audio content, while the download speeds were decent.

All things considered, aTube Catcher is surely one of the best software you can find when it comes to downloading movie files from the Internet. It is very easy to use and packs enough features to be attractive for all types of users out there.

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