Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle 1.2.2 Crack

Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle 1.2.2 – Pro Texture Packs for Adobe Illustrator

Astute Graphics Plugins Bundle 1.2.2 Crack

Astute Graphics – company specializing in the development of creative tools for vector design, which saves time, increase creativity and help to achieve excellent results.


Astute Graphics is developing tools that designers really need in their daily work.


Ever found yourself zooming in order to align paths in Illustrator? COLLIDERSCRIBE allows you to align shapes with speed and precision. Made up of three alignment tools that use clear annotations to highlight intersecting points. Additionaly be inspired by the Space Fill panel which allows you to fill single or multiple objects with selected objects to an even fill with live features. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple alignment plug-in, it will dramatically increase the speed of your workflow as well as open up a world of creative possibilities


Specifically designed to replace the pencil tool for the inital sketching process. Forget remembering fiddly Illustrator workarounds and shortcuts that interupt and slow the creative process. Simply use the DynamicSketch Tool and panel to sketch and edit intuively whilst retaining technical complexity required to produce work of a professional standard.


Control your printing output and costs and make common pre-press tasks in Illustrator simple. INKQUEST provides a streamlined workflow where the operator can remain within Illustrator to instantly identify and correct print issues. Clear information and feedback on critical aspects of print readiness for your artwork files means you can control printing costs. Swap ink channels of all embedded vector and raster artwork in Illustrator as a Filter or live Effect. Take greater control of your printing, can you afford not to?


The ultimate mirroring tool for Illustrator, technically and creatively enhance your artwork with live functionality in order to quickly create the result you need. MIRRORME is made up of two functions via a simple panel interface and MirrorMe toolApply to Layer for active drawing, particularly useful to draw faces / patterns / fractal and kaleidoscope effects. The second being Apply to Selection enabling you to mirror existing artwork, allowing you to recycle artwork elements into new designs and patterns within seconds. This will become an essential part of your daily vector design workflow.


Astute Phantasm – a tool for expanding your creative process. Plugin work with other plug-stylism, It gives you increased control and flexibility when using the native Illustrator effects. Now you can


control the colors directly in Illustrator for vector, text and embedded images and achieve a new level of creativity, working with vector halftones.


Forget Photoshop, solve all you imaging needs within Illustrator. RASTERINO provides the tools to CropTrim, change resolution as well as integrated Relink and Update link tools. No need for Illustrator cropping masks, instead use the Rasterino Crop or Trim tools to permentantly delete uneeded image area, creating technically simple art work, faster workflow and reduced file size. Being Adobe Illustrator’s top FAQ, true image cropping is undoubtedly a vital tool for creatives worldwide.


Stylism allows you to instantly apply effects and edit directly in Illustrator to achieve his vision of the work.


Texturino helps you to add texture and control them using the panel and annotation system.


With seven standalone tools, powerful in their simple and precise nature, VECTORSCRIBE2 is the ultimate choice for professional vector design. You get the highly dynamic tools you need to create stunning vector artwork in an intuitive and time-saving workflow that can be tailored to fit your needs.


Push the creative boundaries with WidthScribe2 and enhance your vector work by varying multiple stroke widths with complete control and ease. Apply the Width Stamp to underlying artwork and create unique, distinctive results in a click.



Version 1.2.2:

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  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Illustrator 2015

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