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 Astrology Crack

Find out what the stars and the movement of the planets have prepared for you and how they can influence upcoming events with this app

Regardless of whether you would like to determine the compatibility with a person you just met, determine the best career path to follow or understand the cycles in your life, one option to account for to get some answers to these questions is via astrology.

As the name suggests, Astrology is an application designed to help you figure out future life events and help you come up with forecasts about things that can happen in your career, love or financial sectors.

Comes with a sleek and stylish interface

Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by an appealing, fresh and elegant interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. As you would expect, the vast majority of the UI is dedicated to displaying the information that is relevant to you.

In the lower section of the window, you can browse through the tabs that are representative for the functions of the program. Therefore, you can check out your natal wheel, the present aspects as well as the Ephemeris table and charts.

Allows you to check out your natal chart wheel

A noteworthy feature of the tool is the natal chart wheel that you can generate for both you and your life partner. Generally speaking, the position on the sky of the major planets and aspects during your birth date is said to have a significant influence on how you react and what is reserved for you. In case you want to learn what the stars reserved for you, then you can begin by entering your date of birth manually in the dedicated section.

It is worth noting that the application allows you to generate reports with the predictions that you can print or save. In fact, the app allows you to select the sections that are relevant to you from the reports for saving or printing.

An astrology tool for beginners and professionals alike

If you believe that the movement of the stars, in general, can have an influence in the way you respond to events and life in general, then Astrology provides you with a user-friendly method to view the important transits that can have an impact on you.

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