Archive collectively operation utility Crack

Archive collectively operation utility Crack

Archive collectively operation utility for Windows

Archive collectively operation utility Crack

Conveniently decompress multiple archives at once or create several compressed files from multiple files and folders on your computer with this tool

More often than not, the files that you can download from various sources on the Internet come in an archived format to reduce the time it takes to transfer them to users. Unfortunately, the disadvantage here is that it can take some time to decompress and access them all.

Archive collectively operation utility is an application that enables you to handle multiple compressed files at the same time.

Extract and compress multiple archives at the same time

Following a quick and uneventful installation, you come face to face with a stylish ribbon interface that is unlikely to give you any trouble. The highlight of the application stems from the fact that you can add and extract as many archives as you want simultaneously, thus reducing the time you commonly spend performing this action.

Moreover, the program allows you to create multiple archived files that you can send to various users, just as easily. It is worth mentioning that regardless of the operation, you can view the current state of the files, compression format and whether it is protected by a password, where applicable.

Supports multiple compression formats, including ZIP

The interface comes with three main tabs, namely Normal Extraction, Normal compression and Compressibility Test. As you probably hinted, in the first two tabs you can add the archives and respectively, the files and folders that you want to compress.

The latter tab is mostly suitable for making archives from single files. Considering you can also add a password to it and view its size, it can be useful when uploading or sending emails.

As far as the formats are concerned, you will be happy to learn that the app works with multiple formats, including ZIP, TAR, Bz2, ZST, LZMA or Snappy, just to name a few.

A file manager that lets you handle multiple archives at the same time

If you are commonly downloading multiple compressed files on your computer and want to reduce the time spent on managing them properly, then perhaps Archive collectively operation utility might be worth a try.

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