Apache Log Viewer 5.35 Crack

Apache Log Viewer 5.35 Crack

Apache Log Viewer 5.35 for Windows

Apache Log Viewer 5.35 Crack

A useful software solution designed to display Apache access logs, as well as information regarding the IP addresses, request size and locatio

 HTTP servers are widely used around the Internet to make websites accessible across the world wide web. One of its vital features is the ability to record almost every incoming connection, as well as various details concerning the IP address, request type and location of the connection in question, all of which are stored in a plan text log file.

View and process Apache access logs

Apache Log Viewer is a software utility designed in order to display and process these logs in a more organized manner, using tables and ordered lists to help you visualize the recorded connections and information about them. Thus, you can view anything from IP addresses, access dates, requests and the size of the transferred files.

In addition, these entries can be easily sorted by simply clicking on the desired field, as well as filtered depending on your necessities, by entering specific terms to look for. On a related note, you can also make use of the find function, which allows you to quickly jump to the desired connection by searching for the appropriate keyword.

Generate detailed reports and view comprehensive statistics

All of this information can be difficult to sort through, especially if your web server handles many connections on a regular basis and you have to deal with a lot of requests. Hence, the application is able to quickly generate reports containing synthesized information about visits, hits per hour, bots and the most common browsers used to navigate your website.

In addition, you can also have a first-hand look at various statistics regarding your server’s traffic, as well as the total number of unique visitors in the chosen time frame and the most profitable referrers that brought you hits. These statistics, along with every type of report available, can be easily printed on paper from within the utility and you can save the entire access log to your computer as CSV, HTML or TXT documents.

Take control of your Apache access log

All in all, Apache Log Viewer can be of great service to web admins, thanks to its wide array of features when it comes to reports and statistics. In addition, the user interface is very clean and easy-to-use, making it really simple to sort through the data and find what you need.

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