Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.1.3 Crack

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.1.3 Crack

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.1.3 Build 474 for Windows

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017.1.3 Crack

This is a versatile, effective and reliable application whose main purpose is to help users create interesting 3D animations effortlessly

Allegorithmic Substance Designer is a 3D modeling application that focuses on texture design, providing a set of powerful tools and functions that can work to one’s advantage.

Thanks to the material layering capabilities, it can take care of compositing and blending, which enables the artist to concentrate on the overall design, rather than combining elements together.

Create impressing textures within a user-friendly GUI

Combining different resources such as bitmaps, PSD files, vector graphics, meshes and so on, this application can generate interesting textures, while the range of available presets can add impressing effects to the material. One of its most important advantages is the possibility to revert changes at all times, which means it is no longer necessary to re-design a texture just to change a color.

Thanks to a well-organized interface, working with the application shouldn’t be difficult, especially for those who are familiar with this type of software. The integrated explorer enables you to view user packages, while the integrated library provides access to various filters and functions that can be used to enhance the design.

Real-time 3D preview and various design tools

The built-in bakers help you bent maps from high polygon meshes and use them in texture mapping. Using the integrated PBR shader, the application allows real-time preview of the texture on a 3D mesh. There are various parameters that you can adjust (such as the opacity level, alpha blending, cropping options) and an assortment of effects that can be applied to the texture (emboss, blur, grayscale, gradient, sharpen, warp, to name some).

The application features scripting capabilities, which means that it can automate common and repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort. The variate brush library comprises the tools you need to create your design, while the advanced noise editor comes in handy when creating natural-looking textures.

An advanced texture mapping application

Allegorithmic Substance Designer is a real asset in the toolbox of any artist, allowing the creation of astonishing textures. Combining accessibility with a powerful set of tools, it helps you generate realistic textures for any 3D object.

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